Ministries We Recommend 

1. Bible Based Ministries: Shaun Wilcock, South Africa 


Bible Based Ministries is a faithful teaching ministry based in South Africa. Bible Based Ministries defends the traditional Hebrew and Greek texts and uses the KJV in English. They teach the doctrines of grace, the regulative principle of worship, separation of the world and many other important topics. Bible Based Ministries has emphasized teaching that the Pope of Rome is the Antichrist, and that Historicism is the correct view of Eschatology. The sermons, books, articles, and pamphlets on the website are informative and edifying. We would highly recommend looking through the list of recommended books on the website. These books will provide much help for any Christian hoping to grow in his understanding of Scripture, theology, and history.

​2. Trinitarian Bible Society: London England ​


The Trinitarian Bible Society is dedicated to promoting the Masoretic Hebrew text and the Received Greek text and translating the Scriptures into different languages across the world. Their website is filled with helpful information on the traditional text of Scripture and the King James Version of the Bible. We would highly recommend the articles on their website.


3. Historicist Research Foundation


The Historicist Research Foundation is a website that teaches eschatology from a Historicist Postmillennial perspective. Their website recommends books and have articles and books available to read online. The works of Dr. Francis Nigel Lee are available on the site. His works are highly recommended.  




Another useful website that teaches on historicism. The website promotes the books of Henry Gratton Guinness. Guinness was an evangelist and teacher on Bible prophecy. Although he was premillennial his books are still very helpful in understanding eschatology.


Book Publishers

1. Gospel Mission Christian Books

Gospel Mission Christian Books - Home (

Gospel Mission Christian Books is a book publishing ministry of Old Paths Strict Baptist Church. This Particular Baptist book publisher is a treasure trove of Reformed, Puritan and Particular Baptist books. The books are theologically sound and very affordable. 

2. Banner of Truth


Banner of Truth is a book publisher of Reformed and Puritan books that began in the mid twentieth century. A great resource for finding good theological literature.


3. Baptist Standard Bearer


Baptist Standard Bearer is a publisher of particular Baptist books. They provide many helpful works on Baptist Theology and history. Many books of faithful Baptists from Church history are published on this site.


4. Chapel Library


Chapel Library is a book distribution ministry run from Mount Zion Baptist Church in Pensacola Florida. They send out many helpful reformed books. The ministry sends out many books for free upon request. Details are available on their website. Chapel library’s free monthly journal The Free Grace Broadcaster is a wonderful resource. Subscription details for the Free Grace Broadcaster is available on the Chapel Library website.