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Books We Recommend 


Publishers and Purchase locations: Almost all of these titles are available for purchase through Publishers are listed below. Some of the older titles are rare, and hard to find but are also available through amazon reprints.


Church History and Christian Biography 

1. Sketches from Church History: An Illustrated history of 20 Centuries of Christ's Power by S.M. Houghton. 

This book is a useful introduction to Church history. The book is highly readable and gives a good overview of Church history from a reformed perspective. The book discusses the Church Fathers, the rise of the Papacy, the Waldensians, the Protestant Reformation, the Great Awakening, the ministries of Charles Spurgeon and J.C. Ryle, etc. The book is not as deep as other works but is an ideal starting place for studying Church history. 

1. History of the Waldensians by J.A. Wylie

The Waldensians were a group of orthodox Christians who remained separate from the apostasy of the Church of Rome during the Middle Ages. They denied the authority of the Pope and stood opposed to the false doctrines Rome. Due to their faithful witness, they were denounced as heretics and bitterly persecuted by the Roman Church. Wylie's history chronicles the history and beliefs of these servants of Christ. 

2. History of Protestantism by J.A. Wylie. 

Wylie's massive work on the Protestant Reformation is a forgotten classic. Wylie's goes into great detail in describing the great events surrounding the rise of Protestantism. Wylie discusses the great figures of Protestantism such as the Waldensians, Wickliffe, Huss, Luther, Tyndale amongst countless others. He also chronicles the opposition to the work of God by the Roman Catholics. The true nature of Popery and the Jesuits is discussed in this book. Wylie's work is the gold standard for Church history. 

3. Fox’s book of Martyrs by John Foxe. Various Publishers.

An account of the Christian Martyrs throughout Church history. This book shows the bravery of the Lord’s servants in history such as John Wycliffe, John Huss, William Tyndale, Thomas Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley, etc. Fox’s book of Martyr’s also chronicles the terrible of the persecution of the true Church at the hands of the Church of Rome both before and during the Reformation. Historical events as the fires of Smithfield and the Saint Bartholomew massacre are laid out in this work. An account of Christian history that has been largely forgotten. 

4. John Gill and the Cause of God and Truth by George M. Ella. 

George Ella's biography of John Gill gives an overview of the life, beliefs, and ministry of John Gill. Gill was a leader amongst the Particular Baptists in the eighteenth century, whose writings are still a blessing to the Church generations later. Gill's verse by verse commentary is one of the greatest bible commentaries ever written. Ella exonerates Gill from the false charges of "Hyper-Calvinism" that have been levelled against him. Instead, Ella reveals the truth that Gill was a faithful minister of God's word and a theologian who understood the doctrines of free and sovereign grace far better than those who have denounced him. 


5.  Huntington: Pastor of Providence by George M. Ella 

William Huntington was a man who lived an extraordinary life. Huntington was born very poor and lived under harsh conditions early in his life. Huntington was known as the "coal heaver" which was a job he performed for a time. After Huntington came to know Christ, God raised him up as a Christian minister in the Church of Jesus Christ. Although a man of little formal education, he was man clearly taught of God. Huntington's ministry was blessed by the Holy Spirit, and he came to lead one of the largest Churches in London. Huntington was a man who was beloved by his friends and bitterly slandered by his enemies. Huntington's preaching and writings were a hammer against those caught up in dead professions of faith. Huntington left no room to hide for those caught up in pride, self-righteousness, and those believing that their law keeping would make them right with Christ. Huntington's teaching that the gospel and not the law was the rule of life for believers meant that his critics accused him of antinomianism. This false charge did not stop God from powerfully working through his ministry. Ella's biography gives a portrait of the life and beliefs of William Huntington. 

6. The Seceders by J.H. Philpot. 

The Seceders is the story of J.C. Philpot and William Tiptaft. Philpot and Tiptaft were both ministers in the Church of England during the nineteenth century. These men were shown the truth of the doctrines of grace by God. The Lord continued to show them the false doctrines taught in the Church of England until they left the Church according to the dictates of their consciences. Philpot and Tiptaft joined the Strict and Particular Baptists where they faithfully served as ministers. 


Roman Catholicism

1. The Church of Rome at the Bar of History by William Webster. Banner of Truth Trust: Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


William Webster examines a number of Roman Catholic doctrines such as tradition, justification, Marian doctrines, and papal primacy from an Evangelical Protestant perspective. Webster makes his argument from both Scripture and Church history making extensive use of the Church Fathers. An excellent introduction to Catholic Doctrine.  

2. Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy. The Protestant Literature Depository: London, 1885; reprinted 1981 by Chick Publishing, Chino, California

The moving true story of Charles Chiniquy. A nineteenth century Roman Catholic priest who came to see the errors of the Catholic Church and by God’s grace was saved and converted to Protestant Christianity. This wonderful testimony gives insight into the true nature of the Romish Church and the sinfulness of the clergy. A timeless classic.


3. The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop. Loizeaux Brothers: Neptune, New Jersey (Republished by various publishers.)

An Expose of the pagan origins of Roman Catholic beliefs. The Two Babylons shows how Babylonian beliefs went through the ancient world through nations such as Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece and Rome and finally made their way into the Romish Church. Mary worship or the mother and child worship is perhaps the greatest example of Babylonian belief that has continued to this day. The mass, confessional, priesthood, Romish festivals and holidays and the Popes are all covered here. This book has been attacked by critics at various times but is extensively documented and researched. A must read.


4. Contemporary Rome viewed through History by Dr. Clive Gillis. Ambassador Productions Ltd: Belfast, Northern Ireland.


A collection of easy to read articles on various topics relating to the Vatican. Some included topics are Marian Shrines, Opus Dei, The mystic Padre Pio, the Jesuits, occultism in the Vatican, Banking scandals, etc.

5. Satan's Seat by Shaun Wilcock. Bible Based Ministries: South Africa. Ordering information available at

This small book is a helpful and readable introduction to the Roman Catholic Church. Wilcock shows how the Roman Catholic system is Mystery Babylon and that the Pope is the Antichrist of Scripture. This book exposes the false doctrines and wicked history of this evil institution. 

6. The Jesuits: The Secret Army of the Papacy by Shaun Wilcock. Bible Based Ministries: South Africa. Ordering information available at


The Society of Jesus otherwise known as the Jesuits was founded to further the Counter Reformation, destroy Protestantism and to increase the power of the Pope across the world. The Jesuits are the most powerful and dangerous of the priestly orders. Today little is known about this mysterious group of priests. Written by a Baptist pastor in South Africa. This fifty-page book is an informative introduction to the Jesuits written from a Christian perspective.

7. The Jesuits in History by Hector Macpherson: MacNiven and Wallace, Edinburgh, 1914; reprinted 1997 by Open-Bible Ministries, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


A history of the Jesuits from their founding in 1534 to about the turn of the twentieth century. The Jesuits in History covers the founding of the order by Ignatius of Loyola, the spiritual training and formation of priests, their work to stop the reformation in England and Scotland, the expulsion of the order from various countries, the disbanding and revival of the order and their work in the first Vatican council. A readable and informative history of the Jesuits.


8. The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris. Chick Publications: Chino, California.


Another history of the Jesuits showing their diabolical nature and fanatical devotion. Topics of note are the Reductions of Paraguay where they enslaved the Guarani natives in a form of proto Communism and their involvement with the two world wars and the rise of the Nazis. A badly needed exposure of the truth.

9. Rome’s Responsibility in the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by Thomas M. Harris Thomas Harris was a major general during the American Civil War who was a part of the military commission which tried the conspirators in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The book provides irrefutable proof that Rome and the Jesuit Order were responsible for the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln. A work that shows the threat of Rome to the civil liberties enjoyed in the United States.


10. Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the C.I.A., and the Mafia by Paul L. Williams.


A history of the post World War Two alliance between the Vatican, the C.I.A., and the Mafia. The book chronicles the history of the three-way alliance from 1945 to the present day. The international drug lanes, C.I.A. operations across the world, and the inner workings of the Vatican in the modern day are all documented in this book.


11. Hitler’s Pope by John Cornwell. Viking Penguin Books: Middlesex England.


John Cornwell, a practicing Catholic, initially set out to write a book defending Pius XII of charges of being complicit with the Nazis and ignoring reports of the Holocaust. When Cornwell was given access to records of Pius XII, he discovered that these claims were true and really just the tip of the iceberg. A history of Pius XII making a deal with the Nazis to stop Communism and further the geopolitical aims of the Vatican.


12. The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance by Avro Manhattan. Chick Publications: Chino, California.


A history of the Vatican from the end of world war two to the modern day. The book shows the political goals of each respective Pope. Pius XII was firmly anti communist and sided with the U.S.A and the C.I.A after the second world war. John XXIII and Paul VI reversed this strategy and allied with the Soviet Union and the advance of Communism. John Paul II realigned with the Americans but only to aid his own agenda. A history of the modern Vatican.

13. Murder in the Vatican by Avro Manhattan. 

This book chronicles the political intrigues that took place in the Vatican in the twentieth century which included the assassination of two Popes. These were Pope Pius XI and Pope John Paul I. Pius XI was murdered after he planned to oppose the Nazi-Fascist alliance on the eve of World War II. John Paul I was killed after he discovered the Masonic control of the Vatican hierarchy and the corruption surrounding the Vatican Bank. 

14. In God’s Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I by David Yallop. 


David Yallop’s book documents the evidence that John Paul I was murdered after his short reign as Pope. Yallop makes the case that John Paul I discovered disturbing facts about the Vatican leadership in Rome which led to his death.

15. Beyond Belief: The Catholic Church and the Child Abuse Scandal by David Yallop. 

A shocking expose of the worldwide child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and the systemic cover up that goes right to the top of the Vatican's leadership. 


16. On the Edge of Apostasy: The Evangelical Romance with Rome by Robert M. Zins. White Horse Publications: Huntsville, Alabama.


An exposure of Evangelical compromise and ecumenical overtures towards Rome. Exposes the document Evangelicals and Catholics together. Prominent Evangelicals listed include James Dobson (Focus on the Family), Chuck Colson (Prison Fellowship Ministries), Jim Neuhaus, J.I. Packer, Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ), and Max Lucado. Shows the widespread ignorance of Evangelicals in regards to Rome. 

17. The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan. 

An examination of the Vatican's modern financial empire following the end of World War Two. The book shows the vast extent of the Vatican's wealth. 

18. The Vatican Empire by Nino Lo Bello. 

Another book that documents the Vatican's vast financial empire. The massive financial assets of the Catholic system are shown. 


Secret Societies/New World Order

1. Occult Theocrasy by Edith Star Miller a.k.a. Lady Queensborough. Multiple Publishers.


This book chronicles and explains the various secret societies and occult groups in history including the Gnostics, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Theosophists, New Age etc. This book is well documented and researched and is a reliable work on a most controversial of topics. 

2. The Deadly Deception by Jim Shaw. 

Jim Shaw was a man who became a Freemason and ascended up to the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite before coming to Christ. The Deadly Deception is Shaw's story of becoming a Freemason, learning the true nature of Masonry and then leaving it as a result of it's occult nature. This book is a moving testimony of a Christian and an expose of Freemasonry. 

3. Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined. A film by Jason Bermas: Available for order at


An expose and introduction to the New World Order. The documentary discusses the various groups involved in the conspiracy to create a New World Order. The round table groups are discussed such as the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group as well as the occult groups such as Skull and Bones and the Bohemian Club. The creator of the documentary Jason Bermas does not appear to be a Christian as we can tell from the documentary but regardless, we believe the information in the documentary to be instructive.


4. Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order. A Film by Gonzo Shimura (DVD). Available for order at


Age of Deceit is a documentary that exposes the New World Order from a Christian perspective. The film’s creator Gonzo Shimura shows that the leaders of the New World Order are serving Satan and are practicing the occult. The film shows that a biblical worldview is the only consistent way to understand the New World Order conspiracy. Many of Satan’s deceptions are exposed such as U.F.O.’s, channeling and the New Age. An excellent film. 

Biblical Cosmology: Flat Earth

1. Improbaball: Documentary (DVD). A film by Celebrate Truth. 

This documentary makes a well thought out case for the doctrine of the biblical flat earth. The film explains flat earth cosmology using biblical and empirical arguments. The film explains the ancient Hebrew view of cosmology. it also makes thought provoking observations about the stars, sun, moon, lack of curvature on water, and much more. An edifying film. 

2. Impossiball: Documentary (DVD). A film by Celebrate Truth. Available to watch on Vimeo.  

Impossiball is a documentary that introduces its viewers to the controversial topic of the flat earth. The documentary provides both Scriptural and empirical evidence for the Flat Earth view. Impossiball also exposes the controversy to cover up the biblical truth on Cosmology.

3. The Greatest Lie on Earth: Proof that Our World is Not a moving Globe by Edward Hendrie 


The Greatest Lie on Earth provides exhaustive evidence for the biblical truth of the Flat Earth. Edward Henrie goes into great detail in laying out the the observational and empirical proof that the Earth is flat. He discusses that a biblical worldview should lead Christians to believe that Satan is deceiving the world on many topics including the nature of the Earth. The author Edward Hendrie takes the view that the Jews are at the center of the cover up regarding the Flat Earth. Although our ministry believes that the Roman Catholic system a.k.a. the Antichrist system is at the center of the cover up we acknowledge the heavy Jewish involvement that Hendrie documents in detail. Hendrie also makes a compelling case that Heliocentric theory finds its origins in the Kabbalah. This book is an excellent resource on Flat Earth Cosmology. 

4. Zetetic Astronomy: The World is not a Globe by Samuel Rowbotham.


This book was written in the nineteenth century. The book lays out the main empirical arguments for the flat earth. The book serves as a good introduction to the arguments for Flat Earth Cosmology.


Nephilim: Giants 

1. Giants, Sons of the Gods by Douglas Van Dorn

Doug Van Dorn is Reformed Baptist pastor living in Colorado. His book gives a good presentation of the Genesis six narrative about the Sons of God marrying human women and producing the biblical giants. Dorn's book avoids some of the speculation and theories found in other books on the giants which is appreciated. A good introduction to the topic. 


1. Did Mohammed exist? An Inquiry into Islam's Obscure Origins by Robert Spencer 

Spencer is a secular author who has written a book showing that historical and archeological evidence do not support the mainstream historical narrative regarding Islam's origins. The book shows that there is very little historical evidence that supports the claims that Islam was founded by a Prophet named Mohammed operating in Mecca in the seventh century. Mohammed is mentioned only a few times in the Quran and even the official canonization of the Quran did not take place until the 1920's at Cairo University. A fascinating read. 

2. Early Islamic Qiblas by Dan Gibson. 

This reference book examines early Islamic mosques and their qiblas. A qibla is a marker in mosque that shows the Muslims in the mosques what direction to pray towards. Today, all mosques have their qiblas pointing towards Mecca. Gibson's book shows that most of the earliest mosques had qiblas that did not point towards Mecca but instead point towards Jerusalem or Petra. Gibson's research shows that Mecca was not the center of the Arabian religion that emerged in the seventh century that became Islam. Gibson's findings have far reaching implications for Islamic history.


3. The Nabateans: Builders of Petra by Dan Gibson. 


This book examines the history of the Nabatean people that lived in the Middle East before the rise of Islam. Gibson's book is the result of his years of archeological and historical research in the region. The book is helpful for understanding that the religion and beliefs of the Nabateans was the foundation for the religion that evolved into Islam. Islam's origins are different than what we have been told and the history of the Nabateans helps us to understand that truth. 


4. Meccan Trade and the rise of Islam by Patricia Crone. 


Patricia Crone is a Professor of Islamic history that has extensively researched the history of Mecca. Her research shows that Mecca was not a thriving trading city in the seventh century. This realization contradicts the history that has been taught about Mecca for centuries. This significance of this information is that it shows that the history surrounding the origins of Islam is inaccurate. 


1. The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes by Ed Decker and Dave Hunt. Harvest House Publishers: Eugene, Oregon.


This book exposes the pagan beliefs of Mormonism and how it is indeed a cult. The book also shows the connection between Mormonism and Freemasonry and the Occult. Ed Decker one of the Authors is a former Mormon. A book that gets to the heart of the true nature of Mormonism.


1. Marx and Satan by Richard Wurmbrand. Living Sacrifice Book Company: Bartlesville, Pennsylvania


Marx and Satan is an alarming expose of the Satanic/Luciferian nature and origin of Communism. The book documents Marx’s obsession with Satan using Marx’s own writings such as his poetry. Lenin and other Communist leaders are shown to be Satanists as well. Written by a Lutheran Pastor who suffered under communism behind the Iron Curtain. A key book for understanding the spiritual darkness behind Communism.


2. The Naked Communist: Exposing Communism and Restoring Freedom by W. Cleon Skousen. Izzard Ink Publishing Company: Salt Lake City, Utah


Written by a former FBI agent who spent much of his career diligently studying Communism. The book has been praised by Conservatives for decades as a must read on the topic. The book lays out the origins, history, ideology, tactics and final goals of Communism in detail.  

3. New Lies for Old by Anatoliy Golitsyn. Multiple Publishers


This book was written by the most important Communist defector to ever flee to the West. Anatoly Golitsyn was initially debriefed by James Jesus Angleton the first head of Counter Intelligence for the CIA. The book documents the long-term communist strategy of lulling the West into a false sense of security through the means of disinformation. It shows how the collapse of Communism was disinformation designed to fool the West and that Communism is still at work today. History has validated Golitsyn’s predictions.


4. The Perestroika Deception by Anatoliy Golitsyn. Multiple Publishers


The follow up to New Lies for Old. The Perestroika Deception documents the “collapse” of communism and the supposed democratization of former Soviet nations in order to further advance global Communism


5. Agenda: Grinding America Down and Agenda 2 Masters of Deceit. Documentaries by Curtis Bowers. These documentaries expose the Communist Conspiracy in America today. The documentaries document how Cultural Marxism is being used to radically change America and lead it toward the final goal of a Communist nation. Two excellent documentaries.

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